Liberal Agenda

Kulkarni supports a government takeover of health care. A plan so extreme it would eliminate private health insurance plans and could force thirty rural Texas hospitals to close.

  • In February 2018, Kulkarni said, “I support a single payer system, and I would support the current bill for Medicare For All.” (Interview With Egberto Willies, 2/15/18)
  • Under Medicare For All, private insurance through the workplace — would change or even disappear. (Axios, 4/10/19)
  • In Texas, a public option could risk the closure of up to 30 high-risk rural hospitals in the state. (Navigant, 8/19)

Reckless Behavior

Kulkarni was arrested for cocaine possession and entered into a plea deal. Kulkarni pled guilty and had to take a two-year probationary sentence, a $500 dollar fine, 200 hours of community service, and drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment for his charged crime.

(The State Of Texas Vs. Srinivas Rao Kulkarni, Case Number 075370901010, Indictment, Harris County District Court, TX, Filed 5/23/97)
(The State Of Texas Vs. Srinivas Rao Kulkarni, Case Number 075370901010, Plea Of Guilty, Harris County District Court, TX, Filed 8/2/97)

Desert Party

It’s unclear if Sri Kulkarni learned his lesson from his drug arrest.

Kulkarni has made references on Facebook to attending the infamous Burning Man festival, where The New York Times reported that “drugs are technically illegal, they are easier to find than candy on Halloween.”

(The New York Times, 8/20/14)

  • Kulkarni shared a fundraising link to a Facebook group called “Burning Man NYC” that said “fellow burners” and made reference to sitting on the “playa” a place at Burning Man the year before. (Facebook, 11/4/18)
  • Kulkarni joined Burning Man NYC’s Facebook group six years ago. (Facebook, Accessed 11/4/19)
  • Kulkarni made seven posts to the private Facebook group in “DC Burners – Burning Man In And Around Washington, DC.” (Facebook, Accessed 11/5/19)

The Los Angeles Times reported that “drugs (particularly those of the powder, paper and pills variety) are central to the festival’s reputation as a 9½-day ‘anything goes’ escape from reality.”

(Los Angeles Times, 6/20/19)

Stop Kulkarni

Drug arrest. Government takeover of health care. Sri Kulkarni is too reckless and too liberal for Congress.

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